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General Defense Law Firm Defending Clients Against Automobile Liability Claims

The attorneys in KDV’s General Liability Practice defend clients in automobile liability litigation. Our general defense liability law firm represents various companies’ insureds in automobile and motor vehicle-related accident claims involving:

  • Bodily injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Property Damage

Our legal team consists of highly trained professionals who know how to defend against routine and complex automobile liability claims. When an automobile, truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicle accident claim arises, our attorneys launch a thorough evaluation of the coverage provided under the parties’ insurance contracts and carefully assess the incident to determine causation, injuries and potential damages. Our objective is to identify and outline the potential risks and options so that our clients can choose the legal strategy that best supports their individual goals and objectives.

Working to Achieve a Favorable Resolution

The lawyers at KDV understand that litigation can be an expensive and time-intensive endeavor. Our team works diligently to resolve automobile claims as early as possible in the process. We are a team of skilled negotiators who know what it takes to reach a favorable resolution for our clients.

Should an early settlement be unattainable, our lawyers defend clients at every stage of the litigation process from -initial intake through trial and appeal.   Our seasoned litigators know how to build and present a case in state and federal courts in the jurisdictions where we practice law.

KDV is committed to delivering the highest quality legal services to clients. Our lawyers collaborate with clients to develop individualized legal strategies that are effective and cost-conscious. Our general liability defense law firm is comprised of strong and creative team of attorneys who place the highest premium on excellence in every matter that we handle. Let us represent you and protect your business. 

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