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KDV handles complex soil, water and air contamination liability cases throughout the country. Our environmental lawyers have substantial experience with contamination coverage and clean up liability. We assist insurance companies with matters related to accidents that cause emergency hazards and matters associated with soil, water and air pollution that has existed on the property for years. Our responsive legal team helps overcome regulatory hurdles that may delay cleanup and increase the company’s exposure to liability.

Time is of the essence in resolving contamination cases. The longer the pollution lingers, the more damage the environment and the clients’ business may suffer. Our lawyers share our clients’ sense of urgency and act decisively to reach a successful resolution.

Emergency Response to Accidents involving Toxins

We recognize the urgency in investigation, clean up, liability determination and, when appropriate, settlement of claims. KDV has offices located throughout the United States so we can be on the scene immediately to investigate the accident, spill, leak, explosion, fire or other cause of contamination. Privatized emergency responders begin cleanup immediately to minimize damage. Public relations professionals address the public and explain the steps being taken to protect the health of the environment and people. Our lawyers meanwhile take quick legal action to expedite cleanup and protect our clients’ interests.

Cleanup of Superfund Sites

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund program cleans up dangerously contaminated sites to revitalize and repurpose the land. Superfund site cleanup is a complex process of peeling back layers of pollution and determining who is liable in each instance. The property may have been used for a variety of purposes in the past, each contributing different toxins to the site. The level and types of contamination are often only determinable upon extensive testing and the source only traceable through meticulous research. Some corporations may be long gone, having occupied the land decades ago.

Our lawyers have the technical and legal knowledge to defend insurance companies against liability claims in complex Superfund cases. We diligently compile evidence to demonstrate the true source of contamination and to limit liability when other parties may be responsible for the pollutants. We are ultimately able to facilitate remediation of the damages based upon percentage of liability of the many parties involved.



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